Christmas Eve Activity Kit

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This family activity kit is the perfect way to warm up for the big day!

This kit contains:

  • Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt: A sturdy tin containing 15 interchangeable clues for an indoor treasure hunt. Just add treasure!
  • Christmas Cookie Mix: Our jar of cranberry, cinnamon and white chocolate cookie mix is pretty much the most festive thing you can munch on until Christmas dinner itself!
  • Reindeer Food: It's all well and good stuffing your faces with our cookies, but what about poor Rudolph and his friends?! Our reindeer food is 100% biodegradable (incurring the sparkly bits) and the jar doubles up as a nice little bottle for Santa's tipple!
  • Blank Christmas Card: Write a nice message to Santa and leave it with his drink and one of the cookies. We'd love to see it too, so take a photo of your card and tag @muckykneesgifts on your social media post.
  • Xmas Eve Checklist: There's so much to do ahead of the big day, so we'll help you stay organised with this festive checklist. 
  • Twig Pencil: And you can't go ticking off your checklist with any old pencil! It's Christmas Eve, so do it in style with one of our twig pencils!