Bladesman Double Edge Safety Razor - Matte Black Brass

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Created to give you a close, clean shave, without damaging your skin. Our single blade, double-edge razor was carefully designed to shave at skin level which helps prevent razor burn and irritation. Use The Bladesman double edge safety razor for an extra sense of refinement and smoothness.

  • Single blade design for a more effective shave
  • Easy glide to prevent pulling
  • Stops bumps, cuts and skin irritation
  • Improves skin
  • Rust-proof stainless brass for lifelong durability
  • Save hundreds every year
  • We will plant 1 tree for every razor sold!


  • 1x Double edge safety razor
  • 10x Replacement blades

5 Reasons Why You'll Want To Buy The Bladesman

Price and Affordability. Cartridges can cost a ton of money, and disposable razors are only good for a single-use, maybe two shaves. Blades last much longer and don’t need replacement nearly as often. You can replace your blades for as little as 30p per blade.

The Environment. The Bladesman safety razors are 100% Eco-friendly. Disposable razors and cartridge razors are highly wasteful. They are made out of plastic, which in itself is bad for the environment, not to mention that they constantly get thrown in the trash, ending up in landfills where they never degrade.

Precision, Accuracy, and Irritation. Our blades are much sharper, finer, and more precise. This means The Bladesman safety razor is much better for getting a precise shave, for fades and specific styles, and more importantly, cause much less skin irritation than a generic supermarket razor.

Durability and Longevity. Our safety razor is made out of high-quality brass metal, which is hard and won’t rust, meaning The Bladesman can last for decades. You will never have to buy another wasteful cartridge or disposable razor again.

We will plant 1 tree for every razor purchased. The Bladesman is so committed to reducing waste and improving the environment, we have partnered up with to donate a portion of our profits to reforestation.